Road Bike Everest Basecamp

So last night I decided that I hadn’t done enough elevation or distance that morning and I’d go for a dress rehearsal today (including trying caffeinated Tailwind as a source of energy). It was very foggy and I regretted my decision because my legs were tired from the 9.5k the day before but also didn’t regret it because I love early morning hours in the Headlands when it’s really quiet. Plus, I told myself it was good practice for how my legs would feel in the middle of the Everest (which was pretty accurate!). 

I was amazingly lucky to have leased a car a few days ago, which made this process so much easier. It stayed foggy until about 12pm when I could finally see the city from the top of Hawk. I finished the Basecamp by 2pm (I think I started around 6am). So I did a lap every 20 minutes almost exactly, and that’s my goal for the Everest too! So excited and not too nervous except about whether my back and knees might start hurting (my back’s been hurting after about 1k of elevation, but hopefully this rest/taper week helps that).

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