COACHING STYLE and methodology

My experience with multiple types of endurance sports lets me learn about and apply training techniques across disciplines. I’ve coached athletes from 2k rowing races through ultra-endurance races and have personally competed in rowing (all boat classes), triathlon, and trail and ultra running races (feel free to browse my race blog)! We’ll work together to personalize your training based on your training age, physiological profile, biomechanics, time constraints, and equipment accessibility, among other things.

Sustainability: I hope you can participate in sports for as long as you’d like to. Part of that is finding a sustainable training method but also being willing to adapt it as needed. I will work with you to find a sustainable plan focused on long-term growth.

Rigor: As a researcher and learner, I approach problems with an open yet analytical mind. The backbone of training plans is based on training theory that respected coaches and exercise physiologists have established but adapts as they publish new theories and research. All with my own spin on it though!

Ownership: You are the one training, racing (if you want), and living daily life. Ultimately, you have the last word. I will support you in any decision.

Transparency: It is important to me that you know the why behind the training. I am 100% honest and transparent about my opinions and reasoning, and I also expect that you are the same with me!

Key Ingredients for Training


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