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About Me

I like doing things pushing my comfort zone like running on trails and running a business. Whether you’re a new baker or new athlete, I hope I can offer you something!

Other things I love: The smell of redwoods after it rains. Two-thirds into a race distance. Our calico cat, Ramona. Bean mud brownies. Methods sections of papers. Water. Dimpling focaccia dough. Muir and the Mountain route on Zwift. Natalie Coffin Greene Park in Ross, California. Sweaty mid-race banana bread. And all your support! Thank you!


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Endurance Baking

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You’ve created an aerobic monster, I’m a vert machine!

KY, couch to 4×50-mile finisher in 3 years

Most nourishing when I feel like I’ve hit the wall, the chocolate protein banana bread revives me! And, it’s delicious!

MA, chocolate protein banana bread lover

I feel so lucky to be working with Serena. Bi-weekly conversations with her have been really helpful in developing my technique, strength, and resistance to injury. Thank you, Serena!!!!

JB, training for self-supported marathon

These lemon poppyseed muffins are amazing!!

AD, lemon poppyseed muffin lover


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