Core Essentials

Core is essential to both activate (before training) and strengthen (separately). A strong and active core helps with injury prevention and efficiency of movement.

  1. Activation. Before a run, bike, or swim, I choose a few of the following core exercises and do them until I feel a good burn in my lower and side abs. I’ve noticed that I’m so much more aware of my core and how it helps me transfer power efficiently along my body after these activation exercises. 
  2. Strengthen. A few times a week, I throw in some light strength work, which includes some core. I choose a few of the exercises and usually add weight to make them tougher.

The core core exercises:

  • Alternating toe taps
  • Penguins
  • Flutter kicks
  • Twists
  • Dead bugs
  • Planks (+/- alternating shoulder taps)
  • Plank twists

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